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Have you heard about spear phishing? The coined term is interesting as this is exactly what this type of phishing attempt is. Spear phishing in Los Angeles and other states has been rampant for a while now. Phishing is one of the most common forms of data theft attempts. It is often successful as it is well disguised and does what it is designed to do. However, with a little care and caution, you can identify the attempt. This should help you keep your data safe.

Essentially, it is directed at a certain individual, network, or niche. Essentially, it is a specific threat disguised as an email to exhibit the specific form of electronic communications to infect the targeted entity. The million-dollar question is – can you prevent it from penetrating through your private data and network? Yes, you can use several different methods and tactics. Know the difference between both forms of phishing and protect your network and data from scammers. Here is what you should do:

  • Learn The Difference

So, we have two distinct forms of threats to data and network security. Phishing and spear phishing has a lot in common, but there are some differences. For instance, phishing is aimed at the masses. The email is sent to a bulk of users to cause maximum damage. Spear phishing is different as it is specific to a set of targets. These could be individuals or a group of people or organizations within a specific niche. The idea is to inflict maximum damage by stealing precious, often private data from computers. The severity of phishing codes can vary, but even a basic attempt can leave your system and network vulnerable entirely to the threat.

  • How To Prevent?

Despite the severity of the threat, there are measures you can take to prevent spear phishing. First thing – the threat is carefully designed to infect your system, so it will take caution to identify it. Often, attempts of spear phishing emails use contact details and email from someone you know, which makes identifying it difficult. Opening the email is all it takes to compromise the data, so caution when opening such emails.

Use proper measures exclusively designed to prevent such threats. Phishing tools are proven effective for preventing such emails from reaching your inbox. The filtration process works better, but there are other more effective solutions available.

For instance, cloud based tools are known to provide adequate protection as well. These systems constantly monitor your network and prevent suspicious emails from reaching your inbox. Certain artificially intelligent solutions also work efficiently against spear phishing and related threats.

In addition to these, you should also invest in the latest anti malware and virus protection. If you have the latest solutions installed, ask the IT team to keep virus definitions updated. Consistent updates and system scanning will likely keep your network properly protected.

This is probably the best way to prevent spear phishing in Los Angeles and worldwide these days.