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A Unique Solution of Powerful Encryption Combined With a Patented Sharding and Randomization Technique

Data streamed to the iQvault software is never stored to disk in an unprotected form, but instead transformed and stored in real time as secure shards of data.  iQvault can be configured to store the shards on any local or networked drive.

The iQvault System Has Two Main Components

File Storage HTTP API

The core of the iQvault technology is an HTTP API written in the Go programming language for high-concurrency, availability, and network performance.  This API handles user and group management, file permissions, virtual filesystem management, and file storage.  End users can interact directly with the API, or use the web application.  Once file data is streamed to the API, it is only stored as sharded and encrypted data, which can only be unencrypted and reassembled again by the API.

Web Application

The easiest way to use the iQvault application is to use the ready-made web application that talks to the API.  It’s written in modern Python 3 and Django, and conforms to OWASP security guidelines for web application security.  A default installation of iQvault creates an encrypted HTTPS connection between the web application and API via securely connected Docker containers.  Simply log in, and drag-and-drop files into the browser.  Create a filesystem, create users and groups, and allow or disallow access to files from a simple web interface that keeps files secure by default.


The iQvault system can be deployed either to the cloud (to any cloud provider Docker containers can be deployed) or as a VMWare Fusion image.

Cloud Deployment

iQvault’s default cloud setup is on AWS EC2 instances with networked EFS drives, but can be adapted to use any cloud provider or file storage method.

VM Fusion

For clients who need to air-gap their data, or have government or policy based requirements to keep data out of the cloud, we offer a VMWare product.  This allows you to store data to any datastore in your internal network and connect to it only when storing or retrieving data.  The API and web application both run in the industry-standard VMWare Fusion product.

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The specific methods used to generate the shards and correctly reassemble them are the Intellectual Property of iQvcloud, Inc. (developers of iQvault, a patented propriety application). Any distribution or usage of this content without permission is prohibited.