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Patented Encryption Technology for Data at Rest

iQvault is a revolutionary data and information security platform. It provides patented randomizing and sharding technology, the best real-time protection against the most advanced cyber attacks for individuals, enterprises, and governments worldwide. Our technology has been tested globally at the highest levels and has been proven best-in-class, surpassing the highest current data-at-rest security standards.

What they are saying about us

iQvault Technology

A combination of powerful encryption and patented sharding and randomization technology. Data handled by the iQvault software is never stored to disk in an unprotected form, but rather transformed and stored in real time as secured shards of data. Redundancy is built into the Application implementation to ensure that data keys can be recovered in the event of a failure.

Additionally, the technology uses encryption to further obfuscate the information contained in each shard. This is achieved by storing the data in a separate database, encrypting the stored file, and finally dissembling the data into shards for storage.

Why Choose Us?  Rigorous Testing and Flexibility

iQvcloud’s innovative data and information protection method is unlike anything in today’s security market. Our product shreds and randomly stores data and information as the customer chooses. The data shards have no metatags, identifiers, or pathways to describe the data properties. This proprietary, patented method separates us from other companies globally. The iQvcloud system was tested rigorously over several years by some of the world’s most discerning corporations, including Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton, and United Technologies (Raytheon Technologies). The products have been presented at Def Con Hacking Conference and proved solid, secure, and impenetrable.