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Established in 2012

iQvcloud develops products that facilitate the protection of all forms of data and information when at rest. This technology exceeds today’s standards for encryption/decryption by introducing solutions that address the needs of both secure business transmission of data and the authentication of the user.

The experts behind iQvcloud’s technology have always believed that trying to prevent a perpetrator from gaining access to your information would prove difficult and may not be the best approach. Believing that sooner or later a sophisticated intruder would get into your system despite all of your security and that there may even be insider threats, the iQvcloud team focused their efforts towards securing data at rest and created software that will render your information useless when in the hands of ANYONE other than authorized users. The software is easy to install and easy to use. While the team’s theory on the best way to secure information was initially met with skepticism years ago by industry leaders, it has since been proven many times over.

Mission Statement

Provide customers with data at rest protection that exceeds existing NIST cryptographic standards, thereby expanding their arsenal of cybersecurity tools for secure management of their private data.