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Keeping the extent and nature of the threat in view, there is a need to devise technical solutions to specific threats. Thus, this is how complexity science made its way to cyber security. Today, many renowned producers in US cyber security are producing cutting-edge solutions to help individuals and corporations alike. It is still early for complexity science, so it will take time before the producers can grasp the concept. It may be too complex for some, but it can help companies devise a useful solution to cater to their cyber security needs.

  • A Glimpse Into Complexity Science

At the core, their complex mathematics aimed to find solutions to hugely complicated mathematical problems. The system will use universal mathematical principles to solve complicated problems for solutions such as the internet, IoT, societies, economic systems, and political systems. Complexity science can potentially be the game-changing technology that will help us reshape the life around us by revolutionizing the way we have lived.

Solutions may contain self-interest agents such as biological cells, systems, nations, companies, computers, and people. Each of these will adopt behaviors in response to the environmental factors they are surrounded by. Low-level interactions will give way to global patterns and so on. We may witness a different scenario where predictions based on individual scenarios may no longer be relevant.

The worrying part is the presence of malicious elements that are expected to be ubiquitous in a future environment akin to viruses and malicious threats when online or parasites in biology. Studying principles of complex systems to manage these threats can manage problems of various magnitude.

  • Complexity In Cyber security

Will there be a time when complex cyber security solutions will be able to identify and eliminate any type of threat without any difficulty? Perhaps we are going through a phase where such possibilities will exist. For instance, we are heading towards an era where complexity will become pivotal for cyber security. Don’t be surprised if you see solutions based on the concept of complexity science. The systems as supposed IT product or service is designed around can contain flaws. This is because almost all these systems are produced by people working in different capacities.

Ins short, the IT systems of today have a strong human element that makes them ubiquitous. Flaws and vulnerabilities are always around, and the need to have multiple cyber security solutions becomes imminent. Often, threats that manage to pass through the securities are due to multiple attempts by numerous types concurrently.

Cutting edge technologies such as Agent-Based Modeling are designed to analyze and understand behaviors of complex threats. Agents work as groups interacting with each other as artificial agents. They act under a set of predefined rules and can evolve their behavior following circumstances.

Complexity science is here to stay, and it seems to contain the range of solutions for every complex problem we face today or may face soon. US cyber security firms are utilizing the technology, but it will expand to other countries as well.