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Today more so than ever, technology is an integral part of running a business. With this growing dependence on technology comes the inevitable risk of having our privacy and personal data jeopardized by bad actors. In the digital age we’ve found ourselves in, Cybersecurity is a greater concern than it’s ever been, but it’s not all doom and gloom either. The technological revolution brings new and better ways for businesses to safeguard against threats.

Let’s discuss some of the worst cybersecurity threats your business can face and how cybersecurity companies in Los Angeles can help you protect against them.

Top Security Threats Businesses Face Today

Man In The Middle (MITM) Attack

A MiTM Attack refers to cybercriminals inserting themselves in the ‘middle of a transaction between two parties, such as between businesses and their customers. A MITM attack can put not just your data and resources at risk but also that of your customer base. A common entry point for MITM attacks is public wifi; that’s why it’s very important to make sure your business’s wifi network is properly secured.

DoS Attack

A ‘Denial of Service’ or ‘DoS’ attack is less about taking something from the victim and more about making a statement. Cybercriminals will flood the target’s network with more traffic than it can handle, causing it to crash. Recovering from a DoS attack can take a lot of time and effort.

Four Steps to Protect Your Business

Encrypt Your Data

Data encryption involves taking raw data and turning it into an intricate computer code that only complex algorithms can solve. In most cases, encryption prevents cybercriminals from accessing data, even if they manage to steal it.

Backup Your Data

The permanent loss of sensitive data can be a tremendous blow to your business; that’s why it’s vital to invest in backups. Traditionally, data backups are stored offline on external hard drives, but recent innovations in cloud computing make storing your data online easier than ever.

Educate Your Team

Even the best cybersecurity options will be pointless if you and your business’ workforce don’t know how to utilize them properly. Human error is the leading cause of phishing and other cybersecurity breaches. As new security protocols are put in place, older, less tech-savvy coworkers can start to feel alienated. It’s vital to ensure that your workforce is well trained to operate the newest software and security options to safeguard your business better.

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Safeguard Hardware

The ‘Internet of Things has become a hot-button topic lately, and for a good reason. Today, most businesses feature interconnected networks of various hardware, from computers to phones, printers, routers, and other devices. These networks help improve communication and productivity, but they also pose risks, as cybercriminals can use them to attack networks. Any good cybersecurity initiative will focus on fortifying your business’s network as a whole.

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