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By 2021, the damages caused by the lack of cyber security globally are expected to exceed $6 trillion. Because of this, cyber security is a no-brainer for hospitals, banks, governmental agencies, and practically any other company that is investing in it to safeguard their business operations. The story is no different for the companies in Los Angeles.

But before you seek help from the cyber security companies in Los Angeles, it’s imperative you understand the problem at hand.

The Different Types of Cyber Attacks

While some can be overt ransomware breaches, others are covert operations orchestrated by criminals to extract valuable information. Some of these are discovered after months, while others go unnoticed forever.


These emails use identical names, wordings, or logos as a company or as an authoritative figure that can fool unsuspecting people into clicking on harmful links. Once a person clicks on that link, hackers can access sensitive information like social security numbers, credit card information, or even your social media account passwords.

Man-In-the-Middle (MiTM) Breach

This attack happens when a person interrupts the traffic on your website while a transaction is underway. For instance, a potential criminal can position themselves between you and your Wi-Fi device. This would allow them to view and intercept all of your browsing information without you having a clue.


Attacks like these occur due to vulnerabilities that often go unnoticed. This could be you installing a risky application that has been pushed onto your feed through pushy marketing campaigns or you clicking on a shady link. Once it is inside your network, malware can obtain valuable information or produce even more harmful software that can block access to vital system operations.

How Can Businesses In Los Angeles Stay Safe?

According to research, the average cost of a cyber attack for an organization has gone up by 23% ($11.7 million) in the USA. Moreover, the frequency of these data breaches has increased, too. In risky circumstances like these, organizations need to take all of the necessary measures to protect their and their customer’s data.

Not only does a data breach result in data loss, but it also causes a drastic decrease in customer loyalty and brand reputation. All businesses in Los Angeles must have transparent policies on collecting their customers’ data.

Moreover, companies also need to have essential security policies and technology to ensure important data stays protected.

Is Your Business At Risk?

With help from cyber security companies in Los Angeles, your business can stay protected from data breaches, identify ongoing data leaks and monitor the security status of all vendors. Remember, as a consumer, you’re responsible for making an informed decision about the personal information you share with suppliers and other customers.

It’s about the data you give away and what other stakeholders have access to. Because at the end of the day, the risk of a cyber attack happening is not a matter of “if,” it’s about “when.”