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Is your data truly safe? Truth be told, there is no guarantee, and you can never be too sure. Nearly 80% of companies in the last 18 months have experienced a data breach at least once. Even more alarming is that 43% of those companies have reported more than 10 breaches during that period. So, to answer the question, NO, your data is never truly safe.

Why So Many Cloud Attacks?

Part of the problem is the unprecedented speed at which organizations move their data into the cloud without knowing how it works. This was undeniably a desperate attempt by companies to ensure their employees could work from home amidst the pandemic. Even though cloud infrastructure has increased its capabilities and offers better flexibility, it can be risky to organizations.

Cyberattacks continue to haunt every industry, and cybercriminals have become more sophisticated. So, if your IT infrastructure is not prepared for what’s coming next, it is just a matter of time before your firm becomes the next victim of a data breach.

What To Do Next

Regardless of business type or deployment mode, you need a solution that guarantees data protection unlike any other. If you’re looking for something like that, we have two words, ‘Reverse Encryption.’


A Word On Reverse Encryption

If you’re accessing your data from a remote location, it is highly recommended that your service provider encrypts all the information when transmitting it over the internet. Even if the information is accessible on the service provider’s application, it should not be readable to anyone else.

iQvault offers a revolutionary cybersecurity solution to all individuals, government agencies, and enterprises. It provides real-time protection using a proprietary reverse encryption approach. Reverse encryption is undeniably far superior to data security practice compared to existing data security solutions in the market. The technology has never been hacked to date.

Wondering how? The solution reverse encrypts the data and information, so no one other than the user can read the information, even if it is hacked. Reverse encryption offers better security and faster performance on most applications. Other than that, the reverse encryption algorithm achieves a sound balance between security and efficiency. That’s exactly what makes it significantly better.

Organizations have already shifted from data centers, focusing all their time and energy on the cloud environment. However, before its application, organizations need to stay informed and learn everything to get the best value from the cloud.