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Imagine a scenario where your data has been stored in multiple drives and systems. Some of the data Security is also stored in the recently acquired cloud storage. You consider your data safe because you had recently invested in system tools. You had also invested in other tools such as additional firewalls and spyware tools, thinking that those will come in handy in protecting your data. To your dismay, some of these tools and protection measures may prove vulnerable at the hands of hackers and data thieves.

Online threats are increasing by the day, which increases the need to invest in security systems. Sometimes, protecting your data is not all that difficult. All it takes is the right investment at the right time. Besides, ensuring data security in the USA will require you to tick all the boxes, so your data is no longer vulnerable. It could be something as basic as changing your login credentials from time to time. It could be as complicated as hiring/ recruiting a team of data security professionals to protect your data and precious systems. Despite these, sometimes the simplest things can do the trick. All you have to do is to make these a routine practice, and your data/ systems will stay protected much longer:

Change Password

It is amazing how often the oldest trick in the book works like a charm. It is true that something as basic as changing the password of your system protects it and does so more efficiently than other tools. Here is what you should do every time you think about changing the password. Make a list of all the passwords, and make sure to save the list anywhere but your system. Saving these passwords in a digital format is not recommended as these can be breached with the data. Keep the list to yourself, and never give access to this list to anyone. Put your time in the passwords and ensure to mix characters so that those are difficult to remember even for you, hence the need to write those down. Keep mixing the characters of the password each time you change them. This will protect your system.

Locking Your System

You may be away for lunch or due to some other reason but leaving your computer in an accessible state is never a good option. Make it a habit to lock your system even if no one enters your cabin and touches your belongings. You never know who might come and mess things up, so play it safe and lock the system every time you leave the desk. This can be done by pressing Ctrl – Alt – Del keys on your keyboard.

Mac users can use System preferences to access this mode to put their system into sleep mode.

Data Encryption

Encrypting the Information may not be the oldest trick as changing the passwords, but this trick still works, so you should try it. Encryption of data is effective due to multiple reasons. One being that only two persons could exchange the data as they have access to the encryption keys. Encryption tools are powerful and cannot be breached easily. As 128-bit encryption technology has proven its credentials, individuals and companies put their faith and use them proficiently for data transmitting.

Use Network Drives

You have computers, and possibly you have access to their physical address as well. This means that you have access to all the files stored on computers one way to the other. Storing your data in hard drives is that all the data might be lost in case of a crash. The same goes for disasters and accidents, as your data may still get lost and may be difficult to retrieve. What should you do when such mishaps occur? You should gain access to network drives and remember the path to each drive from A:\ to E:\. This should give you access to the Information that you had at some point in time stored in the network drives, as it may still be there when you last saved it.

Try these unconventional tricks as they’ll protect your data security in the USA without you getting worried.