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Data is an invaluable asset, not just for individuals but for organizations as well. It allows brands to make intelligent decisions and plan future steps. However, with the rapid growth in technology, many cybercriminals have also become sophisticated, using a variety of approaches and tactics for stealing data, hence raising more red flags related to data security.

Data theft can take place both internally and externally within an organization, and in most cases, the moment data theft is detected, it is already too late for damage control. Loss of company data and falling into the wrong hands can be catastrophic for organizations. For instance, cybercriminals can use that data to taint the company’s reputation, blackmail company clients (extortion), sell it to a competitor for a hefty price, or simply cause financial loss.

In these situations, organizations need a solution that can keep the data protected after it is stolen. Wondering how? Well, recently, iQvcloud has introduced a revolutionary solution called ‘reverse encryption.’

Elements Of Data Security

In data security, there are three key components: availability, integrity, and confidentiality of data. The absence of these components can cause serious drawbacks for an organization.

  • Availability: Data availability ensures that the data is available and accessible for the business in a timely yet secure manner.
  • Confidentiality: Data confidentiality means it must only be accessible to authorized users with the right credentials.
  • Integrity: Data integrity is all about data trustworthiness, accuracy, and not being prone to any unwanted changes.

What To Do After Data Breach?

A data breach can have a detrimental financial effect on a business. However, the immediate step that needs to be taken is the investigation. It is recommended that the investigation is carried out by an external party to prevent any bias and maintain neutrality throughout the process. Businesses that suffer data security issues also have to pay credit to customers whose data has been compromised and exposed. Activities to remedy the situation also needs to take place, including identity theft, account replacement cost, and other damages incurred on the client.

The Ideal Solution

Established in 2012, iQvcloud has developed an algorithm that companies can use for protecting their data from cyber thieves. The solution does not stop the criminal from stealing your data but makes it impossible to read by an external party. The technology far exceeds any other available in the market right now and has a reputation of having never been hacked.